What We Stand For

New Zealand First was set up to arrest the social and economic decline of this country and to restore its status as a land of fairness and opportunity. We believe in the dignity of work and adequate reward for labour. The basic needs of adequate food, shelter, healthcare and education must be met. The state must also protect its citizens and ensure their wellbeing is not threatened by reckless trade and defence alliances. We believe society should protect those most vulnerable. New Zealand First wants to attack the appalling level of poverty and the lack of fairness in economic and social policies. As a country we have to use our resources and our ingenuity to earn more without spoiling our environment or enslaving our people.
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What We've Achieved

Deputy Prime Minister

In 1996 Winston Peters became Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Winebox Inquiry

The Winebox Inquiry was launched in 1994 after repeated claims by Winston Peters of corruption and incompetence in the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

NZ First elected back to Parliament

In 2011 New Zealand First was elected back into Parliament with 8 MPs - 6 of whom had never been in Parliament before.

Free Healthcare for Under 6s

In 1997 New Zealand First secured free Doctor's visits for under 6s.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters

Winston Peters became the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2005. He helped to restore the relationship between New Zealand and the United States of America.

Minister for Racing, Winston Peters

Between 2005 - 2008 Winston Peters was the Minister for Racing. Racing is a serious component of New Zealand's social and economic life. It's a good employer, a proud national recreation and a strong contributor to the economy.